Tuesday, 5 August 2014

3 Piece Wedding Rings Sets Cheap 2014 For Women

A set of wedding ring is usually only consisting of two pieces. Yes, it is because the wedding or marriage is only for two people, isn’t it? But actually, there are also so many wedding ring producers who provide three pieces of wedding rings at once for many reasons. Well, if the two rings are to be worn by the husband and one, the remaining can just be saved or used as the reserve or alternative. somewhat, it seems really strange, indeed. However, you must agree that it is possible for us to experience any unfortunate luck, like the ring is fallen or it is being stolen. Or, it is possible also if you or your spouse may want to use another wedding ring which is rather different in design.
Just like other types of wedding rings, the 3 piece wedding ring set also provides several types or designs. Generally, the three pieces of rings provided are quite similar in the concept or designs but there are a few differences among them. It is basically because the taste of men and women tend to be different. Overall, you can just select a kind of 3 piece wedding ring set which is appropriate with your anticipation or probably characters. If you like something simple and unfussy, it seems better to choose the modern or contemporary ones.  Contemporary wedding ring is commonly associated to the wedding band. Of course, although it is called as minimalist or simple, if you want, you can still put on the gemstones on some parts. There is a suggestion you can just apply for your minimalist ring. Well, it is no matter to use any kind of gemstones on it, however, it seems good to use the diamond since the color is transparently white. It is not something blown up of course to say that the transparently white tends to be minimalist, indeed.
Another idea is regarding the 3 piece wedding ring set in vintage style. If a contemporary design offers something minimalist, on the other hand, you can just find that the vintage style will be more “problematical” in details. Of course, it means you have to pay more for this, particularly if the materials used are also quite expensive, such as gold, platinum or titanium. Besides, the making process which tends to be more difficult is also being another reason why vintage ring is commonly more expensive than the modern one.

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